About Us


Scott Moore - Chief Executive Officer, Insight Security

  • 20 years experience in telecom industry.
  • Experienced in network design and implementation of large-scale networks.
  • Developed and designed major data centers.
  • Conceptualized and developed video surveillance technology.
  • Telecommunications degree from Michigan State University.

John Robles - Chief Technical Officer, Insight Security

  • EMS Network Surveillance Architect.
  • 29 years experience of IT computer network engineering.
  • Real time process control for municipal water and manufacturing environments.
  • Advanced answer product developer in petroleum research and exploration.
  • Engineered signals processing solutions at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA OCEANS (TOGA, TOPEX, NSCAT, SSMI).
  • Authored theory of operations on first generation firewalls at Hughes Missiles and Hughes Space & Communications.
  • Represented JPL at version zero of the International Space Station data investigation team.
  • EMS (Tivoli), ERP, Supply Chain Management, Compensation Systems, DB2, Oracle, SYBASE, Informatica experienced.