Insight Security is committed to your complete satisfaction. We offer every client a product that will meet their business needs:

  • Free design consultation to explain and maximize the available technology.
  • On-site camera demonstrations to determine the best technology and confirm client expectations.
  • Design of a system to fit the unique challenges of each location and camera placement. One size does not fit all when it comes to camera technology and placement.
  • All projects meticulously documented and provided to the client.


  • A single network is scalable up to 1,000's of cameras
  • A network can span a city, county, state or nation
  • Any camera or alarm can be viewed from any secured PC at any site on the network
  • One camera can be simultaneously viewed from multiple locations
  • Live video and information can be instantaneously shared with supporting law enforcement agencies; extending the effective range of useful information
  • System can be used as a virtual command center; relaying critical information to supporting law enforcement agencies


  • No event is ever missed
  • System is online 24/7/365
  • System can be left unattended indefinitely without missing an event
  • Events must be acknowledged by operators
  • Video is continuously recorded from all cameras at all times
  • Alerts can be sent to multiple central monitoring stations
  • Video can be simultaneously recorded and archived at a backup site
  • Self healing architecture prevents catastrophic failure

Benefit-Enhanced Response Time

  • A single network can monitor up to 1,000's of proximity zones simultaneously
  • Any zone intrusion is instantly reported and is always recorded
  • Security personnel or law enforcement can be immediately dispatched to the exact location with forward knowledge of the nature of the threat

Benefit-Enhanced Capabilities

  • Remote control lights and/or sirens can be used to chase away intruders
  • Public Address loudspeakers can be used to speak to intruders
  • Can be used to monitor other systems (temperature, water level, door closures, valve positions, overflow, sensors, etc.)
  • Input and output contacts can be integrated with PLC systems and can be web enabled