Digital Video Recorder

he DVR or Digital Video Recorder is the heart of any truly advanced video surveillance system, gone forever are the days of VCR banks and swapping tapes!!

From the ground up our engineers have designed our DVR systems with three fundamental principles in mind:
  • RELIABILITY - Our clients need a system that is stable and available at all times.
  • SCALABILITY - The system must meet any clients current needs while allowing for future expansion.
  • FLEXIBILITY - The system must be able to be easily integrated in to virtually any setting.

Around these design principles we have custom built our DVR systems using only quality components. We have carefully identified any potential points of failure and thru superior engineering matched with logical design eliminated many potentially painful shortcomings often found with other solutions. The result is a complete DVR solution which is reliable, scalable, highly redundant, and expandable.

Overview - Hardware

Our state of the art DVR system begins with a rack-mount, industrial strength, metal chassis. This provides a secure environment for the rest of the components. Three large and Hot-swappable plus 2 rear cooling fans ensure your system is more than adequately cooled, large hot-swap power supplies ensure clean and constant power.

Next comes the heart of the system, the main board. Utilizing proven, powerful, and industry leading Intel series chipsets, coupled with PCI-Express / 64-bit PCI and FB (Fully Buffered) memory. This ensures lightning fast performance, and rock solid stability.

Processing, displaying and compressing multiple video streams is no small task. Using the latest Dual and Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, installed in single or multiprocessor configureations, we have created a system that can easily meet and exceed your needs.

Using RAID technology and Hot-Swap drive bays we ensure your data is protected, secure and available when you need it. In the event of drive failure just swap in a new drive and the system will automatically repair itself, without even rebooting or shutting down.

Our built in DVD-RW/CDRW combo drive allows you to create video disks that can be viewed on any computer system. Archive video for use with law enforcement or use in civil or criminal proceedings.


Systems are expandable to hold up to 16 or more hard disks of virtually any size, allowing for almost unlimited storage, just let us know how much you need? 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, 15TB or more!

Dual power inputs backed up with 2 independent power modules, allow for independent power sources to be used, in the event of failure you can hot-swap a module or change over a failed power source. The result is your system always has the power is needs to stay running.

Gigabit Ethernet ensures communications at the fastest possible speeds while still compatible with 10/100 Mbps networks. Dual and tertiary connections are available to allow for fail-over, bonding, and a variety of options to ensure your system on the network and accessible at all times.