Insight Security employs digital camera technology that can be upgraded as improvements become available. Your cameras firmware can be upgraded for better performance and the recording software can be upgraded at anytime to incorporate new features. This is simply not possible with analog camera systems. This is why Insight Security specializes in digital surveillance technology.

Ultimate quality is our ultimate priority.

You can see the difference!

Primary Features

  • Scalable solution from one to thousands of cameras
  • Scalable network from one to thousands of locations
  • Only view what you need or want to see
  • Automatic motion following 360 night-vision PTZ cameras
  • Motion detection alarm and logging
  • Motion event notification to central site, pager, phone or email
  • Always-On digital video recording
  • Motion directed monitoring / Event driven monitoring
  • Video instant replay
  • Redundant central station monitoring
  • Long distance video monitoring through internet or intranet
  • Real-time video conferencing and video broadcast capable
  • Proprietary 2400:1 video compression
  • Virtually unbreakable proprietary streaming video encryption technology
  • Retrofit of legacy video surveillance equipment to preserve projected  ROI


  • Stored video can be used as evidence for prosecution
  • Stored video can be transferred to CD, DVD or videotape
  • Stored video can be used for simulated response training exercises
  • Video can be archived for weeks, months or indefinitely
  • Environmentally friendly – reduced need for motorized patrol

Return on Investment

  • Virtually eliminates need for patrols
  • Consolidated control and manpower
  • Can monitor up to 1,000’s cameras from a single central station or monitor a single camera from multiple central stations
  • Allows monitoring stations to back up other monitoring stations across the county or across the state
  • Improved efficiency through a more targeted deployment of human resources where they are needed and when they are needed


  • Response personnel can see recorded or live video stream in their vehicle before approaching the threat
  • Response personnel can also be guided by central site monitoring by cell phone, radio or automatic paging
  • Removes possibility of an ambush or armed confrontation
  • Allows response team to be properly armed and sized to respond to the given threat
  • By default, situation control is given to the response team