High Resolution

Criminals often commit crimes in full view of surveillance cameras. They know the cameras are there. They also know that the odds are in their favor. A high percentage of surveillance cameras do not even work. Those that do are usually of such poor quality that it is sometimes virtually impossible to make a positive identification of the offender.

Most first time buyers buy inexpensive units and end up replacing their first system in a few short years. They never recoup their investment.

If you are going to invest in a surveillance system, invest in a system that works best for you.

Insight Security surveillance systems are future proof. You can expect many years of solid performance. It is guaranteed with Insight Security.

The best high resolution analog cameras are only about one tenth the resolution of a 3.0 megapixel digital camera.

Insight Security specializes in multi-megapixel camera technology. Surveillance cameras are now available up to 8.0 megapixels. This is nearly 25 times the resolution of the best analog so-called “high resolution” cameras.

Insight Security employs digital camera technology that can be upgraded as improvements become available. Your cameras firmware can be upgraded for better performance and the recording software can be upgraded at anytime to incorporate new features. This is simply not possible with analog camera systems.

Digital cameras feature built-in processors that provide sharper images even if low light conditions are present. Smart cameras are better cameras. You can see the difference!