HighTech IT Firm

February 29,2008

High Resolution Video Cameras

Do the Job for a High Tech Company

Concord Technologies has been utilizing Insight Security to install a series of high resolution video surveillance cameras in multiple locations across the US. These cameras cover the entire work areas in each data center in Seattle and Chicago.

“We can view these remote locations from our desktop screens at anytime which helps us in two ways. It keeps our costs lower because we don’t need to dedicate a person at each site and when we do need a technician at either site, we can watch and work with them remotely from our central office,” stated the company’s management recently.

“We’ve been pleased with the responsiveness of Insight Security when we needed to troubleshoot and solve problems that can occur in a high tech environment,” according to Dan Tierney, general manager for Concord Technologies, an Internet faxing service. “We have relied upon them to support us every step of the way.”

“When you have millions of dollars wrapped up in a data center, the sense of security for our company is essential,” Tierney emphasized. “Insight Security knows its business and because of that, keeps our business functioning at a very high level.”

About Insight Security:

Insight Security is a pioneer company in the development of digital video transmission and recording integration technologies. Specializing in multi-megapixel camera technologies which can work independently or be integrated in to an existing security network, Insight Security enables businesses and government agencies high resolution digital surveillance security solutions with virtually unlimited capacity backed by an unparalleled level of service, support and expertise.

About Concord:

Concord is an industry leading fax service provider focused on fax integrations for the Enterprise and Mid-Market. Its award winning fax services have been evolving since 1996 and have been designed to be setting standards in ease of use and reliability. Concord’s services enable businesses to integrate faxes into all their business processes without the need for fax software or telephone lines while experiencing virtually unlimited capacity and unparalleled uptime. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Concord operates locations in Chicago, IL; Miami, Florida; Toronto, Canada and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia