March 31,2008








Village of Hazel Crest
Seeks Security Information
For its Businesses

Hazel Crest, ILVillage officials from this small town south of Chicago, met with a group of local business people on Friday, March 28 to gain further knowledge of what is needed to protect its infrastructure from theft and other even more heinous crimes. The meeting was coordinated by Willie Jones, Director of Neighborhood Affairs and Special Events.

An important part of this effort the village is making is to write an ordinance that will compel businesses to install video surveillance cameras and other security measures, according to Mayor Dr. Bob Donaldson in his speech to the approximately 20 local business people assembled last week. He also emphasized the need for his police and fire departments to be visible throughout the village as a deterrent to crime.

Insight Security was among the four vendors invited to speak to the group to help those present to expand upon their knowledge of video surveillance cameras. Scott Moore, owner and manager of this high-resolution video surveillance company, spoke about the need to have quality cameras that will clearly identify the perpetrators of misdeeds. This is a major weapon for the police in identifying criminals with a greater deal of certainty, he said.

Village Trustee Elizabeth Wakefield-Waldren mentioned after the meeting that Hazel Crest’s board is moving rapidly to pass an ordinance that will protect their citizens and businesses as a model for other communities in Illinois. This is in response to several recent incidences where murders took place in neighboring communities where few cameras were present to help identify the criminals or other security devices that would have alerted local police that a crime was taking place, she indicated.

“We are on the leading edge of this movement and should have something drafted for the Council to discuss in April, with passage shortly thereafter. We are asking for input from the people in attendance today as well as other meetings we are having with our attorneys and residents,” Wakefield-Waldren explained.

Also in attendance were firms representing home security, cash management security, and information technology products for first responders. All the vendors had been selected from a much larger pool of companies who attended a security conference in Tinley Park, put on by that city’s Chamber of Commerce in mid March.